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Dover College

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Basic Information & Location

Dover College is in the southeast corner of England in a small, safe coastal town just one hour from Central London by train.

The College’s aim is to be a school where confidence is nurtured, inquisitiveness is encouraged, individuality is celebrated and creative learning is supported empowering pupils to achieve the very best of their ability.

The College’s ethos encourages the spiritual, social, and personal development of the individual:

There is a strong family atmosphere and pupils are supportive of each other to help learn and succeed;

The school fosters positive actions with pupils looking out for one another and the wider community;

The sharing of good practice is vital in guaranteeing robust safeguarding for our pupils;

The School encourages the philosophy of the Round Square organisation, meanly Internationalism, Democracy, Environmental, Activity, Leadership and Service.


School Motto

“Non Recuso Laborem” (I cannot refuse the task)


Academic Development

Dover’s pupils achieve exceptional results within a caring, cosmopolitan and diverse environment that encourages integration and mutual respect.

Good results are achieved by our small class sizes, teachers who are well qualified, able to differentiate, providing extension work for our Able, Gifted and Talented pupils as well as reinforcement work for those who need it.

The College’s GCSE and Sixth Form provision has been overhauled, and it is proud to announce its three new pathways – the GCSE+, A Level+ and the BTEC driven Careers Programme. It will be one of the very few independent schools ensuring that its pupils will be fully prepared for Higher Education as well as the world of work. The pathways will include a Thinking Differently Programme and Leadership & Service Programme. In addition, Sixth Form pupils will complete an Extended Project Qualification. With these enrichment options, the College’s aim is that our pupils will develop the critical skills to succeed in a workplace that is becoming ever more automated.


Pastoral Care & Boarding

Dover College offers a profoundly caring community where pupils feel safe and valued enabling them to thrive. Its exceptional academic and pastoral staff ensure that the pupils are well supported both emotionally and educationally, offering each pupil a platform from which to grow and develop their interests and embrace new learning opportunities but above all become happy, confident individuals.


Mabel Lucy

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2021 Exam Results (A - Levels)

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2021 Exam Results (GCSE)

A* - A


A* - B


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