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The Complete Guide To Concord College UK:
Reviews, Ranking, Fees And More

Concord College, located in the picturesque English countryside of Shropshire, is an international co-educational boarding and day college that offers exceptional education to students aged 13 to 19. It prepares students for either GCSE/IGCSE or A level courses.

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Spread across 80 acres, Concord College incorporates modern buildings that harmoniously blend architectural styles reminiscent of both the 18th century and the medieval era. It was established after World War 2 with the goal of fostering healing between nations through language education and personal warmth.

The name ‘Concord’ signifies harmony, a value that remains at the core of the college’s identity today. While it is an intellectual powerhouse, it maintains a calm and nurturing environment where community and service are held in high regard alongside individual achievements.

Rejecting rigidity and the customs of bygone traditions, the school readily adapts to evolving trends and ideas, embracing the students’ passions of the day. For instance, it has recently supported initiatives such as beekeeping, outdoor movie events, and a buggy competition.

Concord College Courses And Programs

Lower School 13+ Entry

Students who enroll in the Lower School at the age of 13+ will discover a lively community of both boarding and day students. Upon joining, they will receive a warm welcome and support from the Head of Lower School, their Head of Year, and a dedicated pastoral team, ensuring a smooth transition. The Lower School follows a structured and established curriculum, providing a strong academic foundation complemented by a range of extracurricular activities. In Form 3, a foundational year before GCSE/IGCSE, students engage in an interesting and diverse curriculum designed to prepare them for the next stage of their academic journey.

Students entering at 14+ will embark on a two-year program that leads to the GSCE and IGSCE examinations. The curriculum will consist of core subjects, and students will have the option to choose additional elective subjects.

Students will benefit from extensive support provided by their personal tutor, highly qualified subject specialists, the Head of Year, and the Head of Lower School. In contrast to age divisions commonly found in other schools, Lower School students will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from Sixth Form students. This interaction aims to inspire and motivate them to emulate the strong work ethic and academic excellence of their senior counterparts.

Moreover, students can expect personal development through a dynamic extracurricular program that can be pursued both on and off campus. They will also participate in inter-house competitions across various creative domains.

During this stage, students will discover a plethora of opportunities for personal development and growth. They will learn how to balance academic expectations with newfound freedoms, possibilities, and further avenues for advancement.

In the Sixth Form, academic pursuits take center stage as these young adults are encouraged to take on greater responsibilities in their lives. They will engage in self-motivated studies and have opportunities to challenge themselves, ignite excitement, and cultivate independent thinking.

Emphasis is placed on pastoral care, ensuring that students can find support from their teachers, individual tutors, boarding parents, and Head of House.

The primary goal for Sixth Form students at Concord is to pursue higher education. To facilitate this, comprehensive career guidance is provided, enabling students to make informed decisions when selecting an appropriate university course.

Concord recognizes the significant importance of university admissions and acknowledges that even minor advantages can make a substantial difference in the highly competitive admissions processes of top universities worldwide.

All Sixth Form students receive support throughout the university application process. They can seek guidance and advice from their tutors, Head of House, specialist subject teachers, and university coordinators.

Concord College Application Deadline

To be considered for a boarding place, applications should be submitted to the College before the September preceding the desired academic year of entry. For instance, if a student wishes to enter in either September 2024 or January 2025, the application should be submitted before September 2023.

Concord College 2023 GCSE Result

In 2023, Concord College’s GCSE cohort attained a remarkable 90% in grades 9-7.

During the previous year, in 2022, Concord College’s GCSE cohort achieved an impressive 89% in grades 9-7. These results demonstrate their ability to maintain their grades despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, reflecting their resilience amidst the disruptions to teaching.

In the 2020 GCSEs, 52% of Concord’s students achieved a grade 9 or its equivalent, while 88% attained a grade 7 or higher (equivalent to A*/A). This marked a 4% increase from the previous year.

Concord College 2023 A Level Result

The students of Concord College achieved an impressive 68% of A*-A grades in the 2023 A-Levels, showcasing their consistent excellence even during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Concord College Fees For Boarding Students

The fee for Concord College is £53,400 per annum (2023/2024 intake). This includes tuition, accommodation, use of all College Clubs and Societies (except horse riding), meals, laundry, and regular visits to Shrewsbury and elsewhere. For easter holidays, additional fees may apply (refer to website).

Not included in the fee:

  • Public examination fees
  • Horse riding
  • Pocket money
  • Text books and stationery
  • Private academic or instrumental music tuition

Concord College Entry Requirements

Entrance and Exit

Entrance to Concord College is highly competitive, especially at the sixth form level, making it a place for academically inclined students. Students applying for sixth form should have a strong command of both written and spoken English, while those joining at 13+ will have more time to enhance their language skills.

Concord College has a strong track record of students gaining admission to prestigious universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, the London School of Economics (LSE), University College London (UCL), Imperial College London, Russell Group universities in the UK, as well as universities across the globe, such as in the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Many Concord students excel in higher education and pursue successful careers in various fields. Additionally, the bonds formed among students at Concord are valued, and graduates can benefit from the extensive and diverse Concord Alumni Community.

Concord College is committed to providing an environment of academic excellence for its students and continuously invests in top-notch facilities. The fees include accommodation during half terms and, for sixth formers, during the Easter holidays.

The college is actively developing its own bursaries and scholarships. Some students attend Concord on scholarships provided by their home governments, and there may be financial support available for day students.

Academic excellence lies at the core of Concord College, and the institution’s highly selective admissions process ensures that students engage with a demanding and rigorous curriculum, pushing them to reach their full potential. Irrespective of any particular league table, Concord consistently ranks among the top selective schools in the UK.

Students consistently achieve impressive examination results. In 2023, 68 percent obtained A*/A grades in their ‘A’ Levels, while 90 percent scored A*-A/9-7 in their I/GCSE exams. The majority of students opt for subjects such as Maths, Further Maths, Economics, and the Sciences, which yield outstanding outcomes. Other disciplines, though with fewer participants, also achieve exceptional results.

Concord maintains small class sizes to ensure a high-quality education for each student, and teachers are readily available to provide support beyond regular curriculum hours. The college offers abundant educational resources, support services, opportunities, and exceptional educators to assist students in their pursuit of excellence.

Within a nurturing and conducive environment, Concord College students often set ambitious goals, fostering independent thinking and intellectual curiosity. While academic excellence is a primary objective, the atmosphere remains friendly and supportive, fostering a strong sense of community among students from diverse backgrounds worldwide.

Simultaneously, students are encouraged to explore their potential both inside and outside the classroom, aiming to become active and independent learners. The college regularly offers various forms of assessments, including participation in academic competitions and the availability of diverse academic societies.

Concord College nurtures young learners to develop into mature and creative individuals, with their outstanding performance in public examinations serving as a tangible measure of their growth within this unique and challenging academic environment. Consequently, they are well-prepared to pursue highly competitive courses at top universities worldwide.

Concord College Student Services And Extra-Curricular Activities

A Holistic Educational Experience

A student’s life at Concord College is characterized by a busy yet fulfilling routine. While academic achievement is emphasized, the college adopts a holistic approach to education, encouraging students to work hard while also enjoying their leisure time.

Concord College provides ample opportunities for students to explore new challenges and develop their talents beyond the classroom. The diverse international student body exposes them to different cultures and people, fostering socialization, peer learning, and fun. The campus offers a wide range of activities and pursuits, and regular trips are organized at local, national, and international levels.

From their teenage years, Concord students are taught to conduct themselves as responsible young adults. While uniforms are not mandatory, students are encouraged to dress appropriately and maintain self-discipline. The college provides a variety of healthy meals, catering to different dietary needs. Accommodation is separate for girls and boys, with many students having individual rooms. Some students may choose to live on or near the campus, in places like the village of Acton Burnell or Acton Pigott.

A Concord education aims to develop the skills, talents, and values of young people, preparing them for their future, particularly for university life. The college provides opportunities for students to build confidence, resilience, self-belief, and the values necessary to navigate the challenges of adulthood.

As a result, Concord students are high achievers, equipped with a wealth of academic knowledge, soft skills, attitudes, and qualifications essential for gaining admission to top universities in the UK and abroad. These qualities are intended to transfer to their adult lives, ensuring their continued success.

Concord College is a vibrant and dynamic international community that brings together students from all over the world. They strive for success and enjoy their time together in an environment characterized by mutual respect, encouragement, and support. The college upholds values of trust, decency, and respect for others, which is reflected in the positive atmosphere of the Concord community on a daily basis. The strong sense of camaraderie is fostered by a team of highly dedicated and skilled staff who provide guidance and support to all students.

Although Concord College is not affiliated with any particular religious foundation, it promotes a deep respect for individual religious beliefs and the belief systems present in the world. Spiritual development is encouraged through various platforms such as assemblies, tutor time, the House system, clubs, societies, and a wide range of other activities.

Sports play a significant role in the life of Concord College, and the campus is well-equipped with suitable facilities that promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage participation in sports and exercise at all skill levels. Student safety is a top priority when it comes to sports activities.

Concord offers a range of sports opportunities, including badminton, basketball, netball, table tennis, uni-hoc, and football. Additionally, the campus features squash courts, fitness and weight training gyms, as well as facilities for martial arts, fencing, and rock climbing. Outdoor sports such as football, volleyball, tennis, and horse riding are also available. The campus includes a running track and a heated indoor swimming pool.

Exciting activities like canoeing, caving, climbing, cycling, and other challenges are also provided. Outdoor education is an integral part of the Concord curriculum, where students are expected to engage in regular activities both on campus and in various locations across the UK. This opportunity allows students to broaden their horizons, enhance self-confidence, and improve their teamwork skills.

In addition to sports, students have access to a wide range of clubs and societies, including debating, charity fundraising, philosophy, and the Medics Society, among others. Creativity and imagination are nurtured through the performing and visual arts. The purpose-built theatre provides a venue for students to build confidence and develop their public speaking and presentation abilities.

Music holds a significant place in the lives of many individuals, and Concord College provides excellent facilities to support students’ musical pursuits. Alongside a theatre with exceptional acoustics, there is an orchestra room and a set of practice rooms. Individual instrumental tuition is available, and students regularly perform in concerts throughout the year. Concord also hosts performances by renowned touring companies and organizes trips to concerts.

Many students study Art at the GCSE or A level, and the dedicated Art School provides opportunities to meet their creative needs. Each year, a number of students go on to study Architecture, Fine Arts, or fashion-related courses at university. Drama is taught to GCSE students, and there are opportunities to participate in drama workshops and productions. The needs of dancers are also catered to with a professionally equipped Dance Studio featuring a mirrored wall and a sprung floor, providing a practical and comfortable space for ballet, contemporary dance, or ballroom dancing practice.

Concord College Reviews

N. Hindley
Read More
What a fantastic school, is all one can say my daughter has flourished and done exceptionally well here the staff are just the best the head mr Hawkins is the most approachable head with a interest in every student, all the communication is spot on any issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently making this the best learning environment I have ever experienced.
Dr K. Soh
Read More
Very nice and peaceful physical environment conducive for studying. I would love to study here if I was a student. The principal Mr Hawkins was an extremely pleasant and knowledgeable person, who explained to us everything we needed to know about the college.
Read More
Having best time of my life. Time flies but friendship stay. Concord doesn’t give me not only chances to get into the best university but also give me my second family.
Read More
My daughter is always happy to go to school and always has interesting activities to tell us about. I attribute this to the exemplary standards of teaching and the sense of community they have fostered at Concord.
Read More
My son has just finished his 2 years of A levels at Concord. It has been a wonderful experience for him and we have seen him blossom into a confident and happy young man. He achieved excellent results: 2A*s in Maths and Further Maths and As in Physics and Chemistry. He was pushed to his best ability and had exceptional support when he needed it. The best compliment I can give is that he is already missing his Concord family, after only a few months
Read More
I was a bit hesitant to send my young child to boarding school at first, being that we are so far away and have to entrust their care entirely to the school. However, when we visited the school, I was heartened to see that there are many international students here and the principal was really pleasant. It has been a joy having my child study at Concord.

Concord College Contact Information

  • Official Website:
  • Location: Concord College, Acton Burnell Hall, Acton Burnell, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 7PF, England.
  • Email Address:
  • Phone: +44 (0)1694 731631


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