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Cardiff Sixth Form College

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Cardiff Sixth Form College Guide: Results, Fees And More

Established in 2004 as a modest, privately-owned tutorial college, Cardiff Sixth Form College (CSFC) is committed to revolutionizing education through a unique approach that merges small class sizes, personalized attention, and exceptional teaching methods. This distinctive approach aims to cultivate the untapped potential of its students. For a comprehensive review of Cardiff Sixth Form College, please continue reading.

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Cardiff Sixth Form College is located in the heart of Cardiff in the Wales. Founded in 2004, the college has developed a reputation for having the best A-Level results in the UK in the recent years. In 2009, Cardiff Sixth Form College accepted its first batch of international students and accepted more and more students from overseas since then. The school is relatively less difficult to enter compared to other famous and traditional boarding schools, but students should be well-prepared for the academic pressure. Some students said that the school is not only pursuing high grades, but full marks in every subject. The academic-centric Cardiff Sixth Form College is therefore known as “the Asian school” in the UK.

Reaching for the heights of Academia

At CSFC, academics have always been and will continue to be the central focus. This commitment is evident in the school’s recent outstanding results, with an impressive 94.7% of students achieving As and A*s in 2022. CSFC has consistently topped the Times and Telegraph league tables for the past six years, solidifying its academic excellence.

The selection process at CSFC is rigorous, with a reputation for being highly selective. English proficiency is a prerequisite, and international students are required to have a score of 6.5 in the academic version of IELTS. Applicants with GCSEs must have a minimum of six A*/8-9 grades overall, with A*/8-9 grades in all chosen A-level subjects, and perform well in college admission tests. Additionally, all applicants undergo the GL assessment in verbal reasoning online and participate in interviews, either in-person or via video-conferencing.

Once enrolled, students benefit from dedicated and experienced teaching staff whose sole focus is teaching, as extracurricular activities and administration are handled by a separate team. The small class sizes, averaging eight students per class, facilitate personalized attention during the 25 hours of weekly instruction. Teachers closely monitor students’ progress, providing one-to-onesupport and conducting peer-to-peer one-on-one sessions when needed.

CSFC graduates have access to top-tier universities, referred to as the G5: Oxford, Cambridge, London Imperial, LSE, and UCL. Approximately 42% of CSFC leavers secure admission to these universities, with a strong emphasis on degree programs in medicine, engineering, and computer science. CSFC offers a range of A-level subjects that are considered facilitating, totaling 15 subjects, with a particular focus on STEM subjects and sciences that pave the way for medicine, dentistry, or veterinary courses.

It is important to note that CSFC has higher fees compared to other schools in the UK. This is attributed to the expenses associated with leasehold buildings, small class sizes, and a high number of teaching hours. However, the school does offer generous bursaries, some of which cover 100% of the fees. Additionally, Welsh students receive a subsidy. It should be noted that CSFC does not have charitable status.

Cardiff Sixth Form College Courses And Programs


Cardiff Sixth Form College provides a unique educational opportunity for aspiring students who wish to progress to its renowned Sixth Form. With a focus on inspiring teaching, outstanding career development support, and a modern boarding environment, it stands as one of the top schools in the UK.

Cardiff Sixth Form College presents an extensive selection of A-level courses for students aspiring to join their prestigious Sixth Form. With a commitment to inspiring teaching, outstanding career development opportunities, and contemporary boarding facilities, it ranks among the leading schools in the UK.

The college offers students a comprehensive schedule of 24-30 hours of classes per week, complemented by one-on-one tutorials. The teacher-to-student ratio of 1:7 guarantees personalized attention and mentorship.

For detailed information and the latest updates regarding the courses available, it is advisable to visit the official website of Cardiff Sixth Form College or get in touch with us directly.

Cardiff Sixth Form College Fees

For international boarders, the fees range from £52,800 – £58,000 per annum, which includes the following:

  • Tuition
  • Group IELTS preparation (excluding exam fees)
  • Exam fees (excluding re-takes)
  • Use of all College facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Meals (catering is not included during the Christmas, and Summer holidays)
  • Complimentary bedding pack (one per year)
  • Weekly room cleaning
  • One complimentary airport pickup (on specific dates)

Cardiff Sixth Form College Application Deadline

Applications for boarding places should be submitted to the college by September in the year prior to the start of the academic year the student wishes to enter. For example, applications for entry in either September 2024 or January 2025 should be submitted before September 2023.

Cardiff Sixth Form College Boarding And Pastoral Care

The boarding houses at Cardiff Sixth Form College primarily accommodate overseas and distant students. These functional residences are situated in two blocks, which were previously used as university accommodation and are located a short walk away from the main building.

Students have the option to choose between studios or cluster rooms. In cluster rooms, 5 to 6 single rooms share a kitchen and common area. GCSE students have a communal dining table, and the kitchens in their living quarters are intended for snacks only. All meals are provided in the school’s canteen, with special dietary requirements, such as religious restrictions or allergies, taken into consideration.

Being located in the heart of Cardiff, CSFC allows students to benefit from the town’s amenities. This includes work observation placements that can support students’ university applications. While the school library offers valuable reference materials, students primarily obtain recreational reading materials from Cardiff’s public library.

When it comes to pastoral care, the school serves as a valuable stepping stone to university life. It not only provides accommodation arrangements but also prepares students for independent living away from home. The diverse multicultural environment at CSFC helps students develop social skills that are necessary for interactions beyond their home country. Students are expected to demonstrate responsibility and maturity, and the school handles disciplinary matters with rare occurrences of sanctions.

Mental health care is a significant focus at the school, leading to CSFC being nominated for an award in mental health by the Independent Schools Association.

Cardiff Sixth Form College Extracurricular Activities

The school maintains a strong emphasis on promoting physical well-being by offering a variety of activities such as yoga, fitness classes, dance, and swimming. These activities are organized in collaboration with local gyms and other providers. Traditional ball games are played on local pitches, and students below the sixth form are required to participate in three hours of weekly sports.

The debating team receives significant support, as it helps develop eloquence and prepares students for careers that require strong argumentative skills. The Glee club offers musical opportunities, and performances and productions gain more recognition due to the diverse mix of nationalities among the students. Additionally, CSFC provides music lessons for 18 different instruments, boasting a number of highly skilled musicians.

However, it’s important to note that even in extracurricular activities, academic pursuits take priority. The range of clubs is limited and tends to have an academic focus. One notable point of pride is the NASA Club, which competes worldwide in a competition where students propose detailed designs for future human settlements in space. In fact, the CSFC club reached the finals in the 2018 edition of this competition.

Cardiff Sixth Form College Reviews

I studied at Cardiff for two years. The school studied our successes, developed programs for participation in volunteer activities, taught how to seek practice and helped if we could not cope with this. All this contributed to the admission to universities. We had wonderful teachers. Definitely the education that Cardiff provides is at such a high level due to the teaching staff.
My proudest moment at CSFC was receiving my UCL offer to study; coming to CSFC has been fantastic mental preparation for what awaits me at university. It is great to live independently in such nice accommodation but of course I miss my sister, parents and friends at home.
I found my first year at medical school rewarding, though also thoroughly challenging as the academic leap from A-level to university education was quite staggering. However, thanks to my time spent at CSFC I was no stranger to hard work, nor being pushed as far as I could go and so I was fairly well prepared to press forward and make the most of my year.
I moved to the UK to begin my A Levels here (at CSFC). Now, two years later, I am due to study Medicine at Plymouth University in September and am really excited to find a direction to head towards in Medicine.
Aside from the rigorous but rewarding academics at Cardiff, I have had plenty of time to form lasting friendships and have made friends from all over the world. This has been helped of course by my involvement in the Medical Society, Philosophy and Art clubs



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