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“I am looking at British all-boys’ schools for my son. With Radley College visiting Hong Kong soon, what can you tell me about this school?”

Radley College is an all-boys’ independent boarding school located near the small village of Radley and 10 kilometers from Oxford. It has been delivering a first-class education to pupils in secluded and charming surroundings since 1847.

At the heart of campus life are a wonderful sense of community, a genuine family atmosphere, daily chapel and first-rate facilities. I am convinced that Radley has found a perfect balance between the spiritual as well as the material.

British independent schools are renowned for their artistic, academic and sporting facilities, but amenities at Radley are a cut above the rest.

Sporting facilities, for example, are exceptional. They include a state-of- the-art rowing center with a static training boat for teams of up to eight.

In other areas, Radley is committed to the ongoing development of its art facilities. The stunning Sewell Centre Gallery not only exhibits works by well- known artists, but also hosts shows and acts as a valuable educational resource for pupils.

In terms of teaching, results and access to top-class universities, Radley is up there with the best yet again. While results are not everything, a 13 percentage point increase in the level of A*/A grades at A level from 2015 (59 percent) to 2016 (72 percent) is evidence that Radley is getting the best out of its pupils. Inspiring professionals can be credited with nurturing pupils who develop a strong work ethic from the start.

Regarding progression to top universities, Radley places around 15 boys a year at Oxbridge. More and more Radleians are targeting American universities, with several successful applications to Ivy League institutions in recent years.

Cases of academic success among Radleians are becoming more common as boys feel comfortable with going about their education without inhibition.

Whereas girls may tend to dominate drama, creative writing and choir at co- educational schools, boys flourish in these areas at Radley.

In whatever area a boy may show an aptitude, Radley is ready to develop that potential.

Picture: Radley College

Mabel Chan is a principal consultant at Britannia StudyLink

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