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【The Standard:Boarding Insider】This is no run of the mill school

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“My son is keen on Mill Hill School because of its location close to central London. What can you tell me about this school?”

Mill Hill School, situated 16 kilometers from central London on a splendid parkland site, is becoming well- known for developing the creative capacities of its pupils and is an excellent choice for Hong Kong children.

There is something for everyone at Mill Hill, starting with creative arts departments which the school has invested heavily in over the past 10 years. Moreover, these departments do reap the rewards of the school’s North London location as they can take pupils to plays, concerts and exhibitions in central London.

Led by an energetic and extremely savvy head, Frances King, Mill Hill is preparing young people to meet life head on.

I recently listened to a tape recording of an interview between King and one of my colleagues and it is clear that both she and the school support sixth-form students who display promising entrepreneurial prowess and have their sights set on entering the world of business.

I must mention Enterprise Education, which began at Mill Hill in 2009.

Students have made mobile phone covers, personalized stationery and even marketed luxury bottled water.

What I adore about this is the fact that students develop skills such as teamwork, organization and leadership where groups are faced with an Apprentice-style challenge to generate a profit.

You can be assured that results are always pleasing at Mill Hill with students going on to top universities such as Nottingham, Oxford, Imperial College and King’s College.

The school also readies pupils for their future studies and lives with excellent careers guidance and advice. In Year 12, pupils take the Morrisby Careers Guidance test and pupils also attend specialist events pertaining to career choices.

For instance, an entrepreneurs’ dinner and talk proved to be extremely popular among pupils.

A key point about Mill Hill is that children are not just rooted to London for life-changing experiences. They travel abroad too.

Educational projects afford pupils the possibility to work in such destinations as Nicaragua and India.

Otherwise, Hong Kong pupils can expect to immerse themselves in adventurous activities typical of top boarding schools, such as the Combined Cadet Force, sailing and even flying.

Mill Hill is a strong all-round school – from sport to enterprise all the way through to creative arts and the teaching of traditional subjects.

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