Oundle School Seminar

Oundle School has always been popular among Hong Kong parents due to its strong traditional boarding school vibe. The school is well-equipped with facilities and has excellent school culture. The performance of Oundle School students are remarkably impressive, 57.1% of them achieved A*-A in this year`s A-Level, ranked the 69th in all UK A-Levels.


Application instruction

  1. Applicants need to proceed the application procedure 1-2 year in advance based on the student`s age and school places quota.
  2. UKiset is the essential part of the application procedure and important factor of school`s admission criteria.
  3. Interview will commence in mid-October by school admission representatives, please call 3184 0362 if you are interested in applying Oundle School.


Registration Form:https://goo.gl/1MvouG