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Saturday 30-Apr-2016

ViuTV《跟住矛盾去旅行》好強勢。葉蘊儀和連詩雅去翡冷翠玩一星期,好多火花。兩代女神之間話題多多,網民焦點放在連詩雅的「偽ABC」口音,無時無刻R tone講說話,中英文夾雜無間道。哈,節目超成功。




從語言學畢業的同事口中,知道所謂Code Mixing 中英夾雜是Bilingualism的必然產物。因為語言之間總有些詞彙、語法是互相補足的,一些中文形容在英文未必有,反之亦然。而香港人以廣東話為母語,說話通常會以廣東話為本,加入英文詞語補充意思。


例如:「乜你個人咁無sense架?次次做project都唔見人,佢肯定係free rider啦!今次evaluation我一定俾2個percent佢算!」一些字詞,強行用廣東話反而不自然。「乜你個人咁唔敏感架?次次做專題研習都唔見人,佢一定係順風車乘客啦!今次評價報告我一定俾兩個百分點佢算!」




Don’t get me wrong,我不是幫連詩雅說話。中英夾雜是個現象,但如果像Elaine所說的,習慣使用「今晚dinner食tomato同potato加pasta好唔好」或者教孩子講「你漲啲mushroom放入啲湯湯度,(普通話)可不可以?」就有點誇張了。


誇張的點在於明明能夠用全中文說出來的,強行夾雜了英文,與code mixing補足意思的本意相違。在這種語言環境中學習,只會越mix越奇怪,最後中文英文都說不好。


解決方法簡單。如Elaine所言,將一個語言視為一個單位去學習。語言中有不同的語法和邏輯,和其他語言對比之下定有不一樣之處。孩子應先分開學好每一個語言,才能在其中找到一些可以互換或填補的地方,亦即語法相同的語言共通點。例如她的例子,「Can you sit better呢?」以Can you為句首已經是問句,再加上中文的「呢」字疑問詞,文法不通,是直接學習中英夾雜的產物。


所以呢,語文還是逐個學比較好。父母也可以做件好簡單的事,和孩子說話,要不全中,要不全英,盡量避免夾雜,務求先樣孩子兩邊都各自學好。在他們成長中會面對的獨特語言環境下,莫論會否夾雜中英文,他們也會發展出適合自己的語言方式。可能孩子大個做飛機師,開口埋口講英文,也可能做教師,主要面對中文。咩文都好,學識兩樣,就騰雲駕霧遊走在中英文之間;兩樣都學不好,就發展出「禾煎ten(我今天)食咗個好delicious嘅Wun Tun noodles做我嘅breakfast,仲飲咗一杯(普通話)拿鐵,柯伊思(おいしい)!」


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With an entrepreneurial spirit spreading across online, print and broadcast media, Samuel is an award-winning educational consultant and celebrated columnist.

As a leader in the field of education, he was honoured with the British Council’s Study UK Alumni Award and his most prestigious achievement to date includes the founding of Hong Kong’s premier educational brands - Britannia StudyLink, Anglo Belgravia and Ascent Prep.

In addition to streamlining the UK independent school application process for Hong Kong families and spearheading the first official UKiset-accredited educational centre in Hong Kong, Samuel has led his company, Britannia, to becoming one of Asia’s leading brands with diverse clients and distinguished institutions ranging from Radley College to HSBC Bank and Hong Kong Telecom.


Mabel Chan is the Principal Consultant of Britannia. Having studied in both the UK and the US, she is an expert in school matching for overseas education. She writes education columns for Sing Tao Daily and The Standard, and answers questions arising from parents and students patiently.


MB Cheung, our senior consultant, has been writing education columns for major local newspapers for more than 25 years. With his experience and unique insights, he shares a variety of tips and advice on overseas education for the readers (and DSE students)

#School Analysis
Considering its reputation, Oundle School may not catch up to Eton, Wycombe Abbey and else top elite schools. However, Oundle’s academic performance is among the best in the United Kingdom. As a traditional top boarding school, Oundle pays huge attentions to student’s holistic development, by providing them diversified extra-curricular activities. In addition, Oundle still implements the House Dining System, which is rarely remaining among uk boarding schools. It is also one of the reasons why Hong Kong parents making a beeline for.
The ratio of teachers and students in Bromsgrove School is 1:8, which is lower than the average among uk boarding schools. In addition, according to my school visit experience, Bromsgrove has the best facilities, that it is undoubtedly one of the best three campuses in the UK. Besides, Bromsgrove spares no expense to provide students comfortable environment, it even invests on the nearby hotel and transfers it into dormitories. As a result, students can possess the “5-star enjoyment” on campus. To conclude, Bromsgrove is definitely a prospective and globalised uk boarding school.
Brighton College is Britain’s premier private school and one of the Hong Kong parents’ favourites. To understand a boarding school, despite of looking at its educational tenet, diversified extra-curricular activities and academics results, it is essential to observe the boldness of the principal. 10 years ago, after Mr. Richard Cairns taking up the duty of the Brighton College’s principal, the school ranking raises from the 150th to the top 20th. In addition to promoting educational reformation, Mr Cairns is such a good principal, that he still strives for maintaining students’ curiosity at the same time.
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