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【The Standard】 Put these dates in your diary

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As of January this year, there were almost 5,000 Hong Kong students studying at independent UK schools, including boarding schools, according to the Independent Schools Council Census. That is more students than from any other country in the world.

With the peak recruitment season approaching, if you are applying to study at a UK boarding school in 2018-19, be aware of these key deadlines:



Decide which UK boarding school to apply for. Consider your desired qualification, preferred subjects, entrance requirements, ideal environment, quality of facilities, extracurricular activities and fees.

Once your heart is set on a particular school, begin applying. Allow plenty of time for proof-reading and editing your application form.

Gather any documentation you need to submit with your application. Most schools want two years of school reports, exam transcripts and a copy of your passport. You might need to sit the UKiset test or the International English Language Test System exam.



From September onwards, UK boarding schools will arrange for admissions representatives to travel to Hong Kong to interview potential students. Some schools choose to hold their own exclusive events, including seminars and drinks receptions.



Expect to sit for entrance exams in October. You’ll probably need to pass tests in English and mathematics, but some top schools require applicants to sit separate exams for each topic they wish to study. In addition, you may be required to complete an interview.

If you’re planning to visit the school, the interview and entrance exams could take place in person, but if this isn’t the case, the interview will take place via Skype and the exams will be sat at the British Council or at an agent’s office.



The moment of truth has arrived! Most independent UK boarding schools release their offers on December 1.


Top tips

o Visit your preferred school before applying.

o Don’t submit your application late.

o Prepare for your interview by practicing answers to likely questions.

o Swot up before sitting your entrance exams.

o Perfect your English skills before your UKiset or IELTS exam.

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Mabel Chan is a principal consultant at Britannia StudyLink. lucyqna

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