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【The Standard:Boarding Insider】Preparation for life at Wycliffe

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In a frank and enlightening interview with Britannia StudyLink consultants, Wycliffe College head Nick Gregory revealed all about the school’s approach to careers provision and preparation for life.

According to the 2016 ISI inspection report on Wycliffe: “By the time they leave school, pupils are very well prepared and positive about meeting the challenges of the next stage of their lives.”

This line means a lot to Gregory as preparation for life is “very important” to him.

Careers advice provision, university application processes and life skills courses are being reconditioned at Wycliffe to bring pupils even closer to the perfect preparation for life.

In terms of the provision of co- curricular excursions and distance to esteemed universities, Wycliffe benefits from its stunning Cotswold location. Gregory says: “Not only are we able to undertake museum, gallery and theater trips to London [90 minutes away] but all within an hour of us are the universities of Oxford, Warwick, Bristol, Bath and they host an array of sixth-form conferences.”

In terms of careers provision, Wycliffe held its own first futures fair last year. Top UK universities such as Westminster and Surrey were represented, as well as institutions from around the world.

Reputable apprenticeship providers, such as Rolls-Royce and the RAF, were also present.

Year Nine pupils at Wycliffe attend the Stroud Ambitions Fair where employers deliver interactive workshops and showcase a wide breadth of careers – important for pupils as they consider their choices for GCSE. Year Nine students are also introduced to online journals, such as CV Plus, and career-matching software systems, such as Kudos.

Worthy of praise is Wycliffe’s “Aspire” module for Year 12 students. This is a six-week program involving individual research into a career of their choice culminating in a presentation to local employers who provide feedback on presentation technique.

There is also a heavy emphasis on workplace preparation for Lower Sixth students.

Gregory wants pupils to be prepared “for their role in a 21st century global economy.” He goes on to say that the best schools should “facilitate greater cultural understanding and awareness of Asia”, while getting away from the Eurocentric and/or Anglo-American view which has served the independent schools sector well over the past few decades.

The depth of careers provision and preparation for life is extensive and this column merely scratches the surface. These are exciting times to be a pupil at this school.

Mabel Chan is a principal consultant at Britannia StudyLink.

Picture: Wycliffe College

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