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【The Standard:Boarding Insider】How Brexit may impact UK schools

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I have had to answer questions on Brexit countless times over the past month during my consultations. I have to respond with some caution as we are still waiting for the effects of Brexit on British independent schooling to unfold.

Whatever new laws may be enacted and changes made to the UK education system in the coming years, I believe that independent school leaders are already mulling over possible future outcomes of Britain leaving the European Union.

What I can say is that many well-established boarding schools have quotas for international students based on their nationality so if students from current EU countries suddenly face restrictions and visa issues, it could be harder for Hong Kong students to get into selective schools if the number of applicants escalates. Schools may already be putting plans in place to step up their marketing and recruitment campaigns in Asian countries.

Here is a thought: how useful is a British A level now in Germany? It is a question that may be running through the minds of German parents. We are speculating here, but such a mind-set could disrupt the British independent school sector.

I would never step into the territory of economics and what joys a weakened British currency is doing now and may do post-Brexit for Hong Kong parents.

From my experience, independent school education is not price sensitive and sending children to boarding school should never be a spontaneous decision for the sake of “a good deal.” Having said that, shorter foundation courses and the language course market may benefit from a weakened pound.

While the repercussions of Brexit are yet to be felt, Hong Kong parents are advised not to rush into anything without seeking advice.

It is better to be well-informed and apply early to schools than it is to make a spontaneous decision which seems to be an economic no-brainer.

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