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【The Standard:Boarding Insider】 Business and more at Moreton

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“I’m hearing good things about Moreton School. Should I look into sending my daughter there?”

In a word, absolutely.

Moreton Hall School, an independent boarding and day school for girls aged three to 18 years and boys aged three to 11, is situated in North Shropshire close to the town of Oswestry and close to the England-Wales border.

The school has everything you would expect of a boarding school with a few tricks up its sleeve too.

First of all, Moreton’s curriculum is exceptionally broad with subjects as diverse as Mandarin, Greek, Latin and Food Technology offered. Secondly, the school’s enrichment program is exceptionally varied and central to life at Moreton Hall.

There are some very notable academic societies for those wishing to pursue careers in certain fields, including the Jenner Medical Society and the Pi Society, for would-be engineers and mathematicians.

I feel, however, that Moreton Hall comes into its own with Moreton Enterprises – a business venture in which girls in the Lower Sixth run five retail-based businesses and four service-based businesses, including a stationery shop, clothing store and even Moreton’s own branch of Barclays Bank.

With Moreton Enterprises, Hong Kong girls can engage with members of the local community, be challenged and inspired by a culture of entrepreneurship and gain experiences which could conceivably set the pulses of university admissions assistants and job interviewers racing.

Parents should not overlook this as success stories are born as a result of engagement in Moreton Enterprises.

Moreton Hall does not boast about the extent to which it hones girls’ soft skills – a term which has become overused I feel in boarding school quarters.

Instead, girls simply get down to work at Moreton Enterprises and learn how to run a business, manage a team, work effectively in a small group, solve problems, make decisions and negotiate.

In other areas, Moreton Hall is also very sporty and the school is the regional English Lacrosse Association Centre of Excellence. Moreton also runs a popular tennis program and hockey is also played to a very high standard.

Overall, Moreton Hall is a real no- strings-attached non-selective school where Hong Kong girls can revel in an environment which is blessed with an enterprising spirit and where an “education for life” is provided.


Mabel Chan is a principal consultant at Britannia StudyLink. 

Picture: Moreton Hall School
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