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About UKiset
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Test Format and Sample Questions
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UKiset> Test Format and Sample Questions
Britannia Studylink is the first official test centre of UKiset in Hong Kong.
UKiset is an online test for overseas student with English as a second language. It is an all-rounded test so the admissions team have a clear picture of the student’s abilities and learning style. UKiset ensures the compatibility between the schools and students, so to fasten the application procedure and optimise admissions’ decisions.

Test Format and Sample Questions

UKiset is made up of three components: The reasoning test, the Cambridge English Placement Test and the English essay. The test takes approximately 2 hours. The difficulty increases according to the age of the students. Students above 16 may take longer to complete. For more information, please see below:


Section 1:

Reasoning Test (Online assessment- Approximately 45 mins):

  • Verbal reasoning (using problems using words and language)
  • Non-verbal reasoning (solving problems using pictures, diagrams and patterns)
  • Quantitative reasoning (solving problems using mathematical skills)


Section 2:

The Cambridge English Placement Test(Online assessment – Up to 40mins):

  • Reading
  • Listening
  • Use of English (Vocabulary, spelling and grammar)


Section 3:

English Essay (Handwritten assessment - Complete a writing piece on a topic provided on the day of the test. Approximately 30 mins.)

  • Year 7 – Around 150 words
  • Year 8– Around 180 words
  • Year 9 – Around 200 words
  • Year 10 – Around 250 words
  • Year 11– Around 300 words
  • Year 12 – Around 350 words

 The writing piece will be sent to schools with the UKiset School Report.


Sample Questions:

1. How many triangles are shown here?

2. Rearrange the words below to make the longest sentence you can. 

days/ will/  during/ Christmas/ 24/ be/ in/ day/ it


For more sample questions, you may visit the following website:

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