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Ruthin School

<p><strong>基本資料及地理位置</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">Ruthin School 是在 Wales 北部 Ruthin 近郊的男女校,距離 Manchester 機場約一小時車程,到倫敦則需四小時。學校最早起源於 1284 年,並在 1574 年重組為 Ruthin School,成為 Wales 北部的優秀學校。</p> <p dir="ltr">Ruthin School 是英國頭 50 大學校之一,並是其中一所最古老的學校,校舍是一幢美麗的城堡。現時校內約有三分一學生是中國人,六分一是香港人,尚未計算其他亞洲學生。雖然較少英國本地學生,但學校投放大量資源在學術成績上,與 Concord College 的發展模式相似。而且學校的訓導十分嚴格,絕對不容許學生賭搏、戀愛、飲酒和吸煙。加上學校所在的地區寧靜,學生難以染上陋習。最近有新聞指校長 Toby Belfield 嚴打談戀愛,一旦發現或會被趕出校。在英國教育界,Toby 有「教育界特朗普」之稱,全因他言行大膽,他曾指學生人數過多,要着手減少,但他營運學校有方,私校校長組織亦曾邀請他擔任講座講者。</p> <p dir="ltr">&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>學術發展</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">Ruthin School 期望學生了解並發展個人強項,同時認清和改善自己的缺點,並在過程中變得自信,以面對校外世界帶來的挑戰。每年學生都在公開考試中考獲優異成績,在 2017 年,近三成的英國會考成績為 A*,超過九成的英國高考成績為 A* 至 B,而在科學方面的成績尤其出色。很多畢業生都成功升讀英國或世界各地著名的學府,包括牛劍。超過 15 % 學生獲牛劍取錄是一個很優秀的學術表現,尤其是在英國高考的要求改變後。</p> <p dir="ltr">每名預科學生每週都要以模擬考試的形式接受測試,為公開考試作預備,亦方便老師和家長持續跟進他們的學習進度。學校還會挑選成績特別出眾的學生加入小組,以名牌大學,如牛劍,或專門學科,如醫學和法學作目標,提供額外的課堂和支援。</p> <p dir="ltr">&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>關顧政策/寄宿生活</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">校內有三間男生宿舍,分別是 Archbishop Williams House、Russell House 和 Goodman House,以及和三所女生宿舍,名叫 Wynne House、Ellis House 和 Trevor House,每間都有自己的舍監和副舍監,負責照顧宿生的生活。校方亦聘請了兩名全職的專業護士,提供醫療服務,而每週都會有醫生到校應診。學校對宿舍保安十分關注,宿舍設有密碼鎖,學生清楚知道陌生人接近宿舍時該如何應對。另外還有定期的火警演習,大樓內更設有警報系統,應對晚間的突發狀況。</p> <p dir="ltr">&nbsp;</p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>課外活動及個人發展</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">Ruthin School 提供多元化的課外活動,每星期有一整個下午是課外活動時段,學生可選擇的活動有很多,包括舞台管理、汽車維修、體能訓練、高爾夫球、帆船、舞蹈、烹飪、攀石、登山單車、乒乓球、籃球和女子足球。此外,還有其他時段預留給音樂、戲劇排練和校隊訓練。</p>

Kandace Ying

Ruthin School, located in a small town of Ruthin, far away from the city distraction, leading me to concentrate in academic. Frankly, I spend most of the time in studying, and prepare myself in every Saturday test. It is demanding especially not being the smartest student at school, meaning that I need to spend more of my leisure time I used to have to study. On the other hand, I have met a lot of friends and schoolmates and they are mostly come from the Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and most of them from China, which is also the largest proportion of students in the school community. During the weekends, I habitually go to Tesco after Saturday test and then eat dinner with friends in common room or in town. Most of the time, I visit the Chinese restaurants either getting takeaway or dine in. On Sundays, school usually organises school trips to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. During half term, in the order of safety, we are not allowed to stay outside school unless we are staying in with our parents or guardians. Furthermore, we are not allowed to have relationships with opposite sex in the matter of negative influence in academic. Drinking alcohol in school is prohibited and student who is being caught in disobeying school rules will be expelled unless the principal is being generous and suspend student for week(s). Indeed, trying to break the school rules bring a huge consequences and at the mean time to ensure students obeying the school rules. To sum up, my overall experience in Ruthin School is pleasant and hope striving my best in A levels.
To enhance your experience, we are currently updating the information on this page, please return to previous page for other information.
To enhance your experience, we are currently updating the information on this page, please return to previous page for other information.
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This school recruit limited Hong Kong students a year. Fortunately few places have been made available.

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