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家長為子女選校,不外乎幾個條件:成績優異、重視培育學生品格,若是寄宿學校,則加上良好住宿環境一項。擁有逾百年歷史的Roedean School,是英國最早的寄宿女校,也是當今英國三大女校,雖然在英國所有學校中排名未算最頂級,但能夠滿足上述幾...

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The Ballroom, Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
【英國升學展】10月19日 - 10月20日
The Ballroom, Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong
The Ballroom, 3/F, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers
The Ballroom, 3/F, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers

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【The Standard】 Is this the end of private schools in the UK?

Those who follow the political news in the UK will have noticed something extraordinary recently.

Apart from the headlines about Brexit developments, the Labour party dropped a bombshell at this year's annual conference.

As The Guardian reported: "Delegates voted in favour of a radical set of policies that would abolish private schools by removing their charitable status and redistributing their endowments, investments and properties to the state sector. Labour also wants to limit the number of privately educated students at university."

As a Hongkonger who was lucky enough to have had a wonderful education at a private boarding school in the UK, this report shocked me.

And, of course, as someone whose life and business is all about helping Asian students get into private schools in Britain so they too can benefit from a world-class education, I find this news to be highly disturbing.

I should make it clear that the Labour Party is not currently in power and that these are not plans that are definitely going to happen.

But, with such political uncertainty in Britain at the moment because of Brexit, it is very hard to know what will happen in the future.

Private schools go back over 500 years in British history. Big names such as Eton College, Harrow, Uppingham and Repton are part of British culture. They are in the country's DNA.

Parents in Hong Kong have for a long time revered this tradition. They have sought to send their children to Britain to have their minds and characters molded by these schools.

The popularity of a British education for Asian families is now greater than ever - particularly in Hong Kong because of the political situation here.

So why does the Labour Party want to do this? What on earth is their motivation?

Well, as a left-wing political party, Labour is against anything that might be conceived as elitism and anything remotely suggestive of British aristocracy and old-fashioned privilege. This comes through in what they do, in both big and small ways.

Years ago, for example, Labour prime minister Tony Blair tried to mask his social background.

He shortened his name from Anthony to Tony - a less posh sounding version of his name. He altered his accent to sound less well-educated and he certainly didn't dwell on the fact that he had attended Fettes College, a famous and expensive private boarding school in Scotland.

There is still the same sort of trivial thinking going on today. Labour does not recognize British private schools as world-class institutions that equip students for life like nowhere else on earth.

They see them instead as a primary source of social division in Britain and the cause of so many of its inequalities and problems. They confuse old-fashioned stereotypes of public schools and snobbery with today's reality: a group of modern, private schools with enlightened, forward-thinking educational programs that take students from a wide range of social backgrounds and equip them to achieve amazing things in life.

By taking the class struggle from the university level to secondary schools, the Labour Party is being incredibly short-sighted.

From an international perspective, if British private schools suffer political persecution, international students - not only from Asia and Hong Kong but all over the world - will simply look elsewhere.

They will turn instead to Switzerland, Germany, and even the United States, where private boarding schools are not suppressed.

For the time being, however, British private schools are still world-class institutions.

They are increasingly popular with Asian parents looking to give their children the best possible start in life and I hope this tradition may long continue.

【教育王國】【12個基礎課程推薦】杜倫大學Durham University

在我讀書的年代,基礎課程往往是同學在公開試失手後的後著,因此它給予大部分人的印象,就猶如香港的lVY或副學士般,是個次等的選擇。不過近年情況已經大有改變,隨著越來越多有份量的大學相繼推出基礎課程,各課程亦能配合不同學制的改革,例如A Level 轉DSE,難怪越來越多學生已將基礎課程視為升學的正規大路,甚至是晉升大學的一條捷徑。


舉個例子,同學如終極夢想是入牛津大學,那麼無論你修讀再出色的基礎課程,或成績如何有flying colours,最終希望也可能要落空,因為牛津大學一般對基礎課程畢業生,是不予以考慮的。另外,即使某些大學有提供自家的基礎課程,但也不代表可以直通所有學科,如Durham大學著名的 PPE(Philosophy, Politics and Economics),大學本身所提供的的基礎課程基本上是此路不通的。如果事前沒有查詢清楚,或沒有清楚目標,一年的時間精神和金錢,可能就會付諸東流,欲速反而不達。


Durham University

杜倫大學的基礎課程是我兩大星級首選推介的之一。有些人為Durham冠以北部牛劍的美譽,它是全英國最具歷史的大學之一,擁有深厚文化底蘊,學校仍然行傳統的house system。多年來在各個範疇大放異彩的校友眾多,007 羅渣摩亞就是其一。

Durham是英國能躋身全球一百大的大學之一,在QS全球大學榜排名七十四,在英國更是排名第七,絕對稱得上是頂尖學府。校内有九成的學科都位列全英十大,包括經濟、教育、法律、生物科學、商業管理、化學、政治、哲學、運動科學等等,可見學校出類拔萃的範疇廣泛;不論是傳統科目如歷史、法律,抑或新興學科如運動科學和商業研究,都同樣優秀。我常常說﹕ 學校排名有升有跌,但校譽與格調卻是永恒不變的。我覺得杜倫大學就是大學的典範,擁有絕佳的校譽與格調。

杜倫大學的基礎課程所提供的升學途徑看似不多,只有三個: 1) 商業、經濟和會計 2)科學與工程 3) 社會科學,法律和人文學。然而同學憑這三大途徑可以進入很多杜倫大學的學系,科目選擇眾多。

芸芸學科中,我誠心推介它的法律系,因為其法學院是全英十大,我個人更認為它是繼牛津劍橋和St Andrew’s 以後,英國最出色的法律學院。同學若能夠透過基礎課程進入如此頂尖的法律學院,是非常可貴的機會。

杜倫大學全球排名七十四,九成學科都是全英十大,但同學們千萬不要因收生門檻低而輕敵!學生的校內成績 (Progression Requirement) 需達到70-80% ,才可升讀心儀學科的Year 1。



Business, Economics, Accounting and Finance 商科、經濟、會計及金融

Science and Engineering 科學及工程學

Humanities, Law and Social Science 人文科學、法律及社會科學



中五 F5 相關學科達3344
DSE 332
GCSE 5 科均達4分 (C)
GCE AL 84 UCAS Point


IB 26分


IELTS IETLS Academic for UKVI: 5.0;寫作5.0;其餘部分不低於4.0)

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Kandace Ying

2018/03/29 - 00:00

Ruthin School, located in a small town of Ruthin, far away from the city distraction, leading me to concentrate in academic. Frankly, I spend most of the time in studying, and prepare myself in every Saturday test. It is demanding especially not being the smartest student at school, meaning that I need to spend more of my leisure time I used to have to study. On the other hand, I have met a lot of friends and schoolmates and they are mostly come from the Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and most of them from China, which is also the largest proportion of students in the school community. During the weekends, I habitually go to Tesco after Saturday test and then eat dinner with friends in common room or in town. Most of the time, I visit the Chinese restaurants either getting takeaway or dine in. On Sundays, school usually organises school trips to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. During half term, in the order of safety, we are not allowed to stay outside school unless we are staying in with our parents or guardians. Furthermore, we are not allowed to have relationships with opposite sex in the matter of negative influence in academic. Drinking alcohol in school is prohibited and student who is being caught in disobeying school rules will be expelled unless the principal is being generous and suspend student for week(s). Indeed, trying to break the school rules bring a huge consequences and at the mean time to ensure students obeying the school rules. To sum up, my overall experience in Ruthin School is pleasant and hope striving my best in A levels.

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