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Preparatory School

An preparatory school (usually abbreviated as prep school) is an independent school that educates children up to the age of eleven or thirteen. Prep schools provide high quality education from primary one to secondary two. It is the best choice for parents who wish their younger children to enter UK primary or junior secondary schools.


Prep schools are very popular among parents. There are various opportunities to learn English, foreign languages and take part in a range of extra-curricular activities. Class size is small so teachers can focus on student’s education needs and provide extra care and support when necessary. The Independent School Council (ISC) has reported that prep school students have 100 more hours of class each year when compared to public day school students. They therefore usually achieve higher marks in the public exams.


When the students are preparing to enter Year 9 (Form 3), the Principal and our consultant will provide advice and suggestion on the schools that is suitable for the student. Most prep schools have their own school network that enhances the chance of progressing to some of UK’s best senior schools. Therefore parents need not worry about lack of school options after students finished prep school. Some graduates might even be awarded scholarships by the secondary schools for their outstanding performance in academic, music and sports!

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This school recruit limited Hong Kong students a year. Fortunately few places have been made available.

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