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Saturday 04-Nov-2017


lB向來有個光環,就是它作為一個相對全面性的課程,學生都比較優秀。課程全面固然是好,但要實施出來便有一定難度。難怪連名校如Sevenoaks 及St Claire’s Oxford 的校長都異口同聲指出,時間表設定得好,其重要性舉足輕重!

英國和香港有很多學校都行雙學制,IB會與DSE或A Level兼行。需知lB跟DSE或A Level課程本質差異很大,不論教學內容、啓發方法,或上課時間表完全不同,故需要的也是全然不同的師資。假如一間小型學校只為十個八個學生辦lB,往往會以本來教DSE的老師去兼教lB科目,這做法必然不妥。lB科目需要由專門的老師去教授,一般只有大型的學校方才有資源去兼顧。環觀英國當今lB辦得優秀的學校都是規模大的學校,這現象絕非偶然。家長要選lB學校,要不便挑選只獨沽一味辦lB的學校,要不便應該奉持不大不揀的原則。

左揀右揀,其實家長最重要的考慮,還是那句:子女究竟是否適合讀lB?人稱lB的學生都比A Level或DSE學生叻,其實這印象不盡不實。lB學生不是零舍聰明,而是比較全面。lB課程的理念就是要為學生同時裝備文學、科學、語言、審判思考等等各範疇的基礎,亦著重課餘活動。不難想像,同學仔能接受如此全面教育,報大學時確實會令學校對他們刮目相看。可是不是所有學生適合走這種全面路線,如果學術表現所有科目雖不是頂尖,但卻平均地出色,lB就是你那杯茶。但如果同學仔像我當年,經濟、美術在校內數一數二,但理科差勁,屬於這種spiky型表現的學生,就應對lB避之則吉。



文 Samuel Chan

圖:St Claire’s Oxford





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With an entrepreneurial spirit spreading across online, print and broadcast media, Samuel is an award-winning educational consultant and celebrated columnist. As a leader in the field of education, he was honoured with the British Council’s Study UK Alumni Award and his most prestigious achievement to date includes the founding of Hong Kong’s premier educational brands - Britannia StudyLink, Anglo Belgravia and Ascent Prep. 

Mabel Chan is the Principal Consultant of Britannia. Having studied in both the UK and the US, she is an expert in school matching for overseas education. She writes education columns for Sing Tao Daily and The Standard, and answers questions arising from parents and students patiently.


MB Cheung, our senior consultant, has been writing education columns for major local newspapers for more than 25 years. With his experience and unique insights, he shares a variety of tips and advice on overseas education for the readers (and DSE students)

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Considering its reputation, Oundle School may not catch up to Eton, Wycombe Abbey and else top elite schools. However, Oundle’s academic performance is among the best in the United Kingdom. As a traditional top boarding school, Oundle pays huge attentions to student’s holistic development, by providing them diversified extra-curricular activities. In addition, Oundle still implements the House Dining System, which is rarely remaining among uk boarding schools. It is also one of the reasons why Hong Kong parents making a beeline for.
The ratio of teachers and students in Bromsgrove School is 1:8, which is lower than the average among uk boarding schools. In addition, according to my school visit experience, Bromsgrove has the best facilities, that it is undoubtedly one of the best three campuses in the UK. Besides, Bromsgrove spares no expense to provide students comfortable environment, it even invests on the nearby hotel and transfers it into dormitories. As a result, students can possess the “5-star enjoyment” on campus. To conclude, Bromsgrove is definitely a prospective and globalised uk boarding school.
Brighton College is Britain’s premier private school and one of the Hong Kong parents’ favourites. To understand a boarding school, despite of looking at its educational tenet, diversified extra-curricular activities and academics results, it is essential to observe the boldness of the principal. 10 years ago, after Mr. Richard Cairns taking up the duty of the Brighton College’s principal, the school ranking raises from the 150th to the top 20th. In addition to promoting educational reformation, Mr Cairns is such a good principal, that he still strives for maintaining students’ curiosity at the same time.
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