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Monday 04-Aug-2014


約克(York)有不少好學校,如Queen Margaret's、St.Peter's School、Mount School、Queen Ethelburga's College,及另有Harrogate Ladies' College等等。其中Queen Margaret's School應是香港學生及家長較為忽略;查此校乃實而不華的女校,學校規模不大,學生少於400名,寄宿生佔近90%,算是全寄宿學校。

Queen Margaret's校長Paul Silverwood年輕,2009年到任,現時只是四十歲不到,是核子化學博士;學長們對校長的觀感不俗,認為他對全人教育的層次管理得很好,而且學術方面發展方向亦比之前廣闊,讓學生對世情更了解;而學生亦對學校的變革具正面的評價和印象。


學校每年招收11至13歲及16歲學生,分別入讀Year 7至9,以及中六課程。Year 7至9言明入學評審或考試學生毋須準備,學生只考英、數,以及面試作為入學評審準則;中六則另安排考入學試及網上面試。


總的來說,Queen Margaret's成績跟沿海Brighton的Roedean School相若,但沒有Roedean School般的海岸豪景及偌大校園,感覺或較踏實及樸素,且學校細,對學生關顧貼身,學生與學生、學生與師生關係親切。

另訊,英國Bellerbys College的入學部主管Stephen Carter將出席八月九日(星期六)上午十一時的升學講座,歡迎家長及學生帶備成績出席,可即時獲接見及評核入學機會,適合有意負笈英國升讀A-level、GCSE、基礎班(商學、工和、法學、理學及藥劑,設計等)的中四、五、六學生。座位有限,費用全免,留位可致電31840152或61075222。





資料來源: 《頭條日報》 

如要了解更多英國升學資訊,請致電31840152 聯絡Samuel (英識教育創辦人,升學顧問)

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Mabel Chan is the Principal Consultant of Britannia. Having studied in both the UK and the US, she is an expert in school matching for overseas education. She writes education columns for Sing Tao Daily and The Standard, and answers questions arising from parents and students patiently.


MB Cheung, our senior consultant, has been writing education columns for major local newspapers for more than 25 years. With his experience and unique insights, he shares a variety of tips and advice on overseas education for the readers (and DSE students)

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