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Hong Kong Brand Development Council & British Council recognised awards winning UK school placement Company. Annual partner of South China Morning Post and SingTao News Group in providing Hong Kong's largest UK school recruitment events. Britannia help over 1000 students to study in the UK in the past four years.

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Though Britannia StudyLink has been growing fast, we hold tight to our principles and continue to work professionally and responsibly. We believe every student is unique. As the agency with the largest UK school net in Hong Kong, we walk closely with you on your education path.
Alastair Montgomery
Director of Examinations
Alastair Montgomery (the founding director of UKiset) joins our team as our Director of Examinations. As Director of Examinations, Alastair has devised all of our UKiset preparation courses and applied his expertise to ensure that Britannia Gateway provides everything that prospective international students could possibly need. Alastair said: “Britannia has always understood this and has developed a series of courses that address the very specific skillsets assessed by UKiset. I am delighted to be working with the BSL team to ensure that your child receives the very best guidance on how to demonstrate their academic potential to their next school.”
Samuel Chan
Managing Director
I first went to the UK at the age of nine. After I have completed my postgraduate studies, I was appointed by several international schools in China as a consultant. With the passage of time, I came to realise that the Hong Kong agency market was too much of an oligopoly where few major players were dominating the market. Agencies tended to employ staff who knew very little about the schools they were recommending, and merely considered numbers without due regard for an applicant's personality and preferences. Britannia was founded to provide an unbiased and informative school selection platform for Hong Kong families. Our team visit schools ourselves and we are delighted to assist you in exploring the worthwhile option of quality schooling for your children overseas.
Howard Cheung
Managing Partner
I was educated in Canada from primary school through to university level. Choosing a school had been a relatively straightforward process for me back then, but it was not the case when my wife and I select school for our daughter Kaylie. We attended admissions seminars and reached a conclusion that outside help had to be sought to help us make the right decision. Samuel Chan and Lui Hong stood out for me. I was overwhelmed by their passion in International Education, and a quick brunch with the both of them turned out to be very fruitful as we decided to initiate our cooperation there and then.
MB Cheung
Wander in education, media, public relations, marketing, digital media, theatre studies, music, but believe that only education can change our future! And this is exactly the mission and vision of Britannia StudyLink.
Laurie Ching, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
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Mabel Chan
Manager to Greater China Offices
In Hong Kong, students’ lives are basically arranged by schools and parents. It would never go wrong if they just follow orders. It is safe, but not exciting. While in UK boarding schools, students are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves, which create more possibilities and opportunities in lives. No matter what difficulties they encounter in the future, they can face them without fear.
Carson Tsang
Centre Manager (Kowloon office), Education Consultant
Every child has an equal chance of succeeding in life. The key lies in how to customise the best road for them, which, in other words, select the right schools. Among those three hundred students I have helped, some get scholarships and now studying in the top branded boarding schools in the UK, some are studying in schools that offer specialised subjects. I am more than happy to share with you their successful stories, and with my professional knowledge and experiences, to start pathing the best way of your child to the UK.
Emily Wong
Centre Manager (Headquarters), Education Consultant
I believe the true value of education is not only about achieving outstanding academic results but also enjoying the process and equipping yourself with knowledge and abilities, to find your own way in the world full of possibilities. From my experiences as an education journalist and what I have seen around me, I believe education in the UK can unleash students’ potential. Therefore I moved on from being a journalist to an education consultant, with the aim of helping Hong Kong students to achieve their dreams, and to bring the true value of education to them.
Martin Sit
Senior Education Consultant
In Britannia, we strongly believe that studying in UK boarding schools is not just about reading textbooks. UK boarding schools value personal development. Textbooks are just tools to the teachers to develop students’ curiosity of knowledge and build up their passion in learning. With past experiences working for overseas education, I still believe that the UK education is the most suitable one for Hong Kong students.
Wing Li
Senior Education Consultant
I have worked in the education industry for eight years. Having rich experience in dealing with Hong Kong headmasters, teachers, professros, parents and students, I understand that choosing the right schools for the right students is very important. The UK education system is suitable for Hong Kong students, they can broaden their horizons, become more independent, explore self-interests and build up their own values. As an education consultant, I am passionate in the education industry and currently pursuing a master's degree in education. I hope my previous working experience and my professionalism can help students to choose the right pathway in studying.
Charlie Wong
Education Consultant
Since I have opted to pursue my studies in the UK, I quite often get questions from my relatives and friends asking what makes me brave enough to step out of my comfort zone to all the unknowns in the UK? Out of all sorts of reasons, the peaceful yet exciting learning environment is on the top of my list. Away from the hectic concrete jungle, the UK has nurtured me in a way I enjoyed so much. Apart from academics, I always had spare time to develop my hobbies with support from the school. In particular, boarding schools always tailor their support for the all-round development of different students with unique talents. Three years of university life is not a short nor long period of time, but I am very motivated to share my own experience and bridge students to the right school.
Jennifer Chow
Education Consultant
During my undergraduate study, I had the opportunity to work at preschools researching and developing courses for EAL learners - breaking down the language and cultural barriers of schooling. I had come to a realisation that studying aboard creates the best opportunity for any child - to pursue their aspirations, define their values and talents and the ability to lead a fuller life. Any of these outcomes is a component to the quality of education and I, would happily assist your child on the path to higher education.
Richelle Wong
Education Consultant
UK Education is very different from Hong Kong's. It is more than just study and results. This is what I have come to realise during my eights years studying in Headington and Warwick in the UK. The UK education cares about students’ mental health and character development. Most schools in the UK make sure pupils do not merely focus on their studies; all of them have to join different types of extra-curricular activities. Students are encouraged to explore topics and make subject choices base on their interest rather than what they were being told. After studying in the UK as a full boarder, I have gained more than what I learnt or would have achieved if I have stayed in Hong Kong. I was able to try different sports, which most Hong Kong schools put less focus on. I also met people from different cultural backgrounds, get to explore what I actually like, and most importantly I become a mature and independent girl that my parents are proud of.
Janice Leung
Education Consultant
Being an consultant for four years, I am very pleased to see HK students can find a suitable way to develop themselves and discover other possibilities when studying in UK. In Hong Kong, we have a tight schedule, high pressure on academic performance and have less leisure time to rest and even think what we want to do in the future. I am always happy to know the students not only have academic improvement, but also meet new friends, take part in different activities, get involved in British culture and lifestyle when they are in UK. Some of them are inspired and find their goal by the teaching and supporting at school.
Anthony Fung
Education Consultant
The environment in UK Boarding create perfect environments to foster your children to become all-rounders. Small class sizes, excellent teachers and pastoral care, together with international community and off-campus education in the boarding house allow students of different abilities to flourish in the rich culture of learning, friendship, arts, athletics and intellectual discourse. Our biggest aspiration in Britannia is to find your children the most suitable schools in the UK, where they can all blossom in their very own ways.
Sui Au
Education Consultant
UK education has a very long history where it possesses one of the best education systems in the world. Studying in the UK, has indeed been a wonderful journey for me. It is a journey, that not only help to acquire knowledge, but to shape an individual, to bring out the best quality in a child. As a professional education consultant, I always help students to make the best choices among hundreds of schools and courses; and to make sure they receive the education that suits them the best.
Clarice Chan
Education Consultant
It is saddening to see that the Hong Kong school system is creating an increasing amount of stressed and depressed students. To truly grow and prosper, one must pursue education under a relaxing, caring and nurturing environment. Four years of studying experience in the UK does not simply gain me a school certificate, but the opportunities to express myself authentically and see the world. I do hope that in becoming an education consultant, I can share my unique experience regain the courage to face the challenges in society and life.
Causeway Bay – Leighton Road

Facing the Happy Valley Racecourse, the 4000 square feet office at Chinachem Leighton Plaza has held more than 100 education seminars annually. And we are the largest examination centre for UKiset in Hong Kong.

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28/F, Chinachem Leighton Plaza, 29 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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Mong Kok - Langham Place

Our office in Mong Kok Langham Place was open in 2017. We are proud to be able to help every student who have come to us.

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Suite 2202, Level 22, Langham Office Tower, 8 Argyle Street , Mongkok, Hong Kong

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Shenzhen-Futian District


Room 1410, Zhongzhou Mansion, 3088 Jintian Road, Futian District, Shenzhen

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