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Samuel Chan Tue Aug 13, 2019
每逢九、十月,英國 60 多間頂尖名校陸續來英識教育做收生宣傳,我做學生的年代,英國升學被視為讀到中三、四成績仍無起色的學生「逃生門」,但這個想法近年已大大改變。香港小姐冠軍、會考十優狀元麥明詩就是先鋒,她放棄在香港讀預科,遠赴英國威靈頓公...

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Britannia Studylink - Causeway Bay
Britannia Studylink - Causeway Bay
Britannia Studylink - Causeway Bay

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每逢九、十月,英國 60 多間頂尖名校陸續來英識教育做收生宣傳,我做學生的年代,英國升學被視為讀到中三、四成績仍無起色的學生「逃生門」,但這個想法近年已大大改變。香港小姐冠軍、會考十優狀元麥明詩就是先鋒,她放棄在香港讀預科,遠赴英國威靈頓公學(Wellington College),再考入劍橋大學讀法律。從這位破格港姐的處事言行及高 EQ,應該能為英國教育精妙之處作見證。

講到麥明詩,美貌與智慧並重之外,她具有的判批思考、良好情商管理、落落大方的氣質,都為她的個人色彩加分。麥明詩目前是全職藝員,但據報道她在去年底已完成律師實習,取得紐約州執業律師資格,她正是時下流行的「slash 族」好例子,不規限發展,做律師又得、選港姐亦得。


在未來的社會,最重要的三種技巧是情商管理、創造力、軟技巧運用,即使讓你讀到碩士,甚至成為博士,要是欠缺適應社會的能力,如何學富五車都是徒然。可惜的是,香港主流教育多年來仍然高舉學術成績,為科目排優次,首要中、英、數,其次才是科學與人文,藝術及體育排最後,課外活動(extra-curricular activity)更是有名你叫,或多或少被視為「多餘」。

常言道「求學不是求分數」,但事實是香港教育仍然看重得分,甚至為了辨別高低,考試模式也相對艱澀刁鑽,英國學校的考試方法通常較為直接,在香港分數中規中矩的學生,到英國也許成為天才了。英國教育另一個最大優點是老師照顧好,香港一般課堂比例是 1:25-30,英國大概是 1:8-10,課堂上也有很多互動,幫助學生吸收,不似香港常要「坐定定」聽書。

海外升學目的地向來不乏選擇,除了英國、美國也值得考慮,但我認為美國教育比較著重 Individualism (個人主義),人人有個不同的美國夢。相比之下,英國教育不填鴨、系統良好、學科發展均衡,應該比較適合香港家長及學生的期望,正如《哈利波特》中魔法學校學生,個個要學魁地奇(Quidditch)、日日練飛,也反映英國教育中重視體藝的優點。

【The Standard】The experience of studying at the University of Nottingham

Last week in this column I introduced the University of Nottingham. Now I want to tell you a bit more about this place and try to give a sense of what it's like to be an international student there.

I spent several years studying at the University of Nottingham after being at Gresham's School, a British boarding school.

Though you might think that the experience of living and studying at these two institutions would be similar, you'd be wrong.

They may only be 190 kilometers away physically but in other ways, they are a world apart.

As a university student, your life is much more your own than it is as a boarding school student.

Staying in a hall of residence, which is what most students do in their first year, there can be a slight resemblance to a dormitory, especially if the accommodation is catered with a private room.

However, moving into a shared house for your second and third years, it's a case of learning to manage your own life. You must balance your studying with doing your own washing, cooking, shopping and participating in any sports or societies that you might be involved with.

In essence, it's all about learning to be a young, independent adult and for international students, there's the added element of doing this in a foreign culture.

Somewhere like Nottingham was, and is, an excellent university for doing this. This year, it was named International University of the Year for 2019 by The Times and The Sunday Times newspapers in their annual Good University Guide. This strong, global approach is no doubt in part due to having campuses in China and Malaysia and in part due to the influence of the city of Nottingham.

There is cultural diversity here that comes through in many ways, not least the food. As an Asian student, if you miss the taste of home and you're cooking for yourself then you can easily get hold of Asian ingredients. When eating out there are also many options. My pick for dim sum was always Yun's (now renamed Lucky Restaurant). For Thai food, Sukho Thai was a real favorite of mine.

Then, for a sense of community, there's the Chinese Students Society. This runs various events and is one of the largest societies of its kind across the UK's universities.

Of course, you should try to integrate and enjoy British life too and one of the best ways to do this is through sport.

Nottingham has also been awarded Sports University of the Yea" for 2019 in the Good University Guide. (This is the first time in the history of the guide that a university has been given two awards.)

Sport at university needn't be intimidating. You can choose to be very competitive or just to have fun. The facilities here are excellent for top-level athletes but, equally, there's no need to commit to intense training schedules.

Activities here range from classic British sports such as football, rugby, cricket and tennis to more unusual ones such as canoe polo and rock climbing.

The academic options are equally diverse.

As well as staples such as law, medicine and accounting there are courses such as industrial economics with insurance, international management, and music with philosophy.

There are also several international foundation programs here that allow you to feed into a degree course after a year of preparatory study.

International clearing is now open, and representatives from the University of Nottingham are coming to Hong Kong soon if you would like to meet them to discuss your options.

To find out more about clearing availability, visit our website or and we can guide you through the process.

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Kandace Ying

2018/03/29 - 00:00

Ruthin School, located in a small town of Ruthin, far away from the city distraction, leading me to concentrate in academic. Frankly, I spend most of the time in studying, and prepare myself in every Saturday test. It is demanding especially not being the smartest student at school, meaning that I need to spend more of my leisure time I used to have to study. On the other hand, I have met a lot of friends and schoolmates and they are mostly come from the Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and most of them from China, which is also the largest proportion of students in the school community. During the weekends, I habitually go to Tesco after Saturday test and then eat dinner with friends in common room or in town. Most of the time, I visit the Chinese restaurants either getting takeaway or dine in. On Sundays, school usually organises school trips to Manchester, Liverpool and Chester. During half term, in the order of safety, we are not allowed to stay outside school unless we are staying in with our parents or guardians. Furthermore, we are not allowed to have relationships with opposite sex in the matter of negative influence in academic. Drinking alcohol in school is prohibited and student who is being caught in disobeying school rules will be expelled unless the principal is being generous and suspend student for week(s). Indeed, trying to break the school rules bring a huge consequences and at the mean time to ensure students obeying the school rules. To sum up, my overall experience in Ruthin School is pleasant and hope striving my best in A levels.

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